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Welcome to CSN IT Solutions. Information Technology has now become an integral part of most businesses. However, as companies become more reliant on computer systems, it is important that help is available. This is where CSN IT Solutions are able to provide assistance. We are dedicated to providing a quality service using up-to-date and professional IT solutions for your business.

CSN was formed in early 2000 out of the lack of honest professional IT companies prepared to help small to medium sized companies. CSN stands for Consultancy, Specialised Software and Networking, the core elements to our Business and our main strengths. All of our directors and staff have previously worked for both large and small companies and, therefore, have extensive experience in business issues, from both customer and supplier perspectives. Since its launch CSN has grown in stature and size and is now one of the most reliable and experienced companies within the IT industry.

We believe that planning for the future is an integral part of any business. CSN intend to continue to grow and expand in size and knowledge, resulting in an ongoing professional service to any industries. CSN will always attempt to keep upto date with the improvements and new products ranges within the IT world, providing our customers with cutting edge solutions. This quality service provided by CSN will provide a secure IT infrastructure allowing them to move their business forward.

We currently offer the following services:
  • Hardware Sales - For all IT Hardware Sales
  • Software Sales - For all IT Software Requirements
  • Networking - Complete network analysis, design and implementation
  • InspHire - Flexible hire management software
  • Support - Software and Hardware support packages
  • Consultancy - for effective IT and company management
  • CCTV - We now offer a complete CCTV system install - To be updated soon

CSN Solutions Ltd

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