InspHire is a program that can really change the way you work. It is a flexible, customisable Hire Management package that can work with different accounts software to make contract raising, asset management, stocktakes and reports simple. It runs on Windows, utilising your existing PCs to save you money, and is currently in use in over 600 companies worldwide.

InspHire software is available for 3 levels of business:
  • Express -
  • InspHire Express is the Ideal starter package designed purely for the smaller rental company with a single site for 1-2 users, inspHire Express is also perfect for first time hire software users who want to organise their fleet hires and off-hires and produce professional looking paperwork that enhances their business.

  • Office Edition -
  • InspHire Office Edition is the rental & asset management system that's aimed at clients who operate from multiple sites and have between 1-50 users who would benefit from a higher range of functionality than the Express package. It utilizes Microsoft's SQL Database, and comes with optional Workshop and Purchasing modules. InspHire Office Edition is user customisable to suit your business and preferences and comes with a complete set of reports to enable you to maximise your hire activity. There is an upgrade path from Express to Office Edition, if required.

  • Corporate Edition-
  • Corporate Edition comes with all the features you'd expect and more, not to mention the added bonus of a state-of-the-art business alert system. InspHire's Rental and Asset Management product is ideal for larger rental companies with 10-1000+ users operating from multiple sites and perhaps in more than one country. It's also optimized for multi-currency deployment and utilises Microsoft's SQL database to provide a stable and robust back end to this complete hire software solution.

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