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At CSN Solutions, we believe that there are two sides to supporting your IT strategy. Unlike most companies, we offer support for both hardware and software, and can tailor our support contract to your every need. Your contract is aimed at reducing your costs and future risks with no compromises in quality or cover.

Most businesses cover their hardware as a matter of course with extended warranties and insurance. However, they rarely think about the software that runs on those computers. The programmes themselves might be covered in the event of a hardware fault, but not the time and effort invested in the original setup. Does your insurance really stretch to re-installing your software and backups?

CSN can provide a solution to this problem. Our support contracts are specifically aimed at the software side and work with your existing warranties and hardware maintenance contracts. They can be provided for any combination of your PCs and servers to target key areas of concern. We can provide you with comprehensive answers to your questions, reduce your risks and make your business 'down-time' in the event of a catastrophe minimal.

We also believe that a proactive approach is essential when it comes to your systems' reliability. We build in an amount of time on site into the support contracts to maintain your system. This time is used as you want it to be used and creates value for money from your contract, even if our recovery services are not used. As a matter of principle we always check server log files and anti-virus protection when on-site and, with our maintenance contract, calls and site visits are limitless.

Our Support packages include:
  • Hardware and Software
  • Bespoke Tailored quotes reflect your business needs
  • Quotes include re-installing software and setup
  • Our proactive approach to maintenance and reliability
  • Limitless calls and site visits

Please contact us for a quote or to arrange a report on your systems.

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